Find Out What’s Holding Your Business Back

Are you frustrated by the lack of growth in your audiology practice or hearing aid clinic?

Are you looking to capture more market share?

Do you want to increase the profitability of your hearing aid sales?

Audiology Management Group has over six years of experience in evaluating and supporting audiology clinics and practices. Using our unique High Performance Clinic model, we apply primary constraint logic to conduct a thorough review of your business practices and marketing strategies in order to identify areas of potential improvement and growth. We are experts in improving revenue in businesses like yours, so don’t put off your move to greater profits any longer.

A Multi-Faceted Approach to Improved Revenue

Through the use of what we call the High Performance Clinic Business Triangle, we will develop a plan for you that improves patient satisfaction, increases your market share, and grows your business. We help you create an outstanding patient experience by optimizing the development, sales, and delivery—the three sides of the “business triangle”—of your products and services. In our three-stage process, we will do the following:

  • Determine what your primary constraints to growth are and where they are situated in development, sales, or delivery.
  • Identify key activities and capability gaps, then resolve the primary constraint.
  • Confirm the results and repeat.

Through this process, we can identify and resolve key growth opportunities and support their implementation. The result is accelerated revenue growth and increased return on investment. Happier patients, more revenue—what more could you ask for?

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We have plenty more to offer! With a comprehensive suite of unique business support services, we are able to offer a custom approach to your business based on your unique needs to deliver higher revenue for you. We can help you save money by improving procurement costs, lowering credit card processing fees, and lowering patient financing interest rates. And these are just a few of our cost-reduction and revenue-building services.

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