Whether you are attempting to grow your current practice, open a new location, or improve your current performance, there may be several things holding you back from achieving your goals. Audiology Management Group (amg™) has helped practices across the country overcome their barriers to growth and success by offering a full range of services and support designed specifically for medical practices like yours.

As an amg™ Medical Member, your clinic will receive access to the vast network of amg™ services that allows your practice to identify and resolve the primary constraints and opportunities to achieve maximum results. These free member services include:

  • Business Development Assistance
  • Marketing and Public Relations Materials and Support
  • Human Resources Services
  • Administrative Guidance and Analysis
  • Purchasing, Billing, and Pricing Solutions

These signature services allow your clinic to continue focusing on what matters most, your patients. The AMG team of experts works closely with you to build the practice you envision.

Realize Your ENT Clinic’s Potential with an amg™ Medical Membership Today!

Becoming a medical member with amg™ is about more than joining a powerful network. Your membership enables you to capitalize on the valuable resources available to amg™ Medical Members.

amg™ has spent years perfecting the High Performance Clinic (HPC) model within one of the nation’s most prestigious ENT practices. The HPC model addresses and streamlines the key activities in ENT practices:

  • Developing: Together, we will help your clinic develop products and services that establish a promise of performance to the patient and create market potential.
  • Selling: Our business development and marketing professionals will work closely with you to develop a strategy that converts potential leads to scheduled patients.
  • Delivering: The products, services, and experience you offer patients, define their view of your clinic. Make sure you are delivering an experience that leads to positive referrals and builds brand equity.
  • Support: While your patients may never directly engage with your support staff, such as Human Resources, Accounting, or  IT, their role plays a critical part in how your practice functions.

Many practices fall short in one or two of these fundamental business capabilities and activities, ultimately preventing success in a meaningful way. By becoming a medical member of amg™, your practice will undergo the process of becoming a High-Performance Clinic, accelerating patient-centric growth.

To learn more about your business opportunities and development potential, read our helpful report, 7 Questions Every ENT Physician Should Ask Themselves, available for free download on our site.

Open the Door to a Successful Future as an amg™ Medical Member

amg™ has developed a free hands-on evaluation process to identify the primary constraints to growth that limit your ability to become a high performing clinic.

For more information on taking the first important step toward improving your own practice, or to schedule a free practice evaluation, contact our team today at 866-566-7705 to speak with an amg™ medical membership representative.