Our Practice Performance Model Spreadsheet Will Compare Your Clinic’s Numbers!

Non-quantifiable results are as useless as no results at all. That’s why when we evaluate our high-performance clinics, we use a very specific method to measure and track their results. If you are an ENT physician, audiologist, or hearing healthcare professional who has been curious about how your clinic measures up against amg™ high-performance clinics, we are now sharing our measurement method with our readers—for free!

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When you fill out the form below, we will send you the evaluation spreadsheet that we use to measure the performance of our high-performing clinics. This will help you compare your own clinic’s numbers with those that have found proven success, and allow you to make the steps necessary to improve your own performance and bottom line.

In addition to this spreadsheet, you will also receive the “5 Steps to Practice Performance” that we provide every high-performance clinic. These key concepts break down what your clinic must do in order to maximize your performance potential. By implementing these concepts, your clinic’s performance should see solid improvement.

If you’d like to learn more after comparing your clinic’s numbers with those of an amg™ high-performing clinic, contact the Audiology Management Group’s skilled business advisors at 866.566.7705. Our industry experts can help you unlock your own practice’s potential, and help you become the standard against which other clinicians compare their own practices.

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