You have invested years in improving your knowledge of your business. The services you offer clients, the products you sell, and the day-to-day operations of the clinic have been your focus since day one, and you’re pretty darn good at it. However, when it comes to creating marketing materials, you’re the first to admit you don’t know what you’re doing, and neither does your staff. If you’re tired of hiring out the design and production of your marketing collaterals, a membership in the Audiology Management Group may be just what you need.

  • Design services

    If you can picture it, our designers can bring it to life. We have innovative graphic designers with a unique understanding of the message you want to send, unlike the guy at the print shop down the street!
  • Brochures

    With today’s software, anyone can create and print colorful brochures, but you want your collaterals to reflect the quality and high standards of your business. Our designers can create a unique piece that won’t look just like everyone else’s.
  • Posters

    The walls of your waiting area and exam rooms are valuable real estate for marketing your services. We can work with you to create eye-catching posters to let your clients know what you offer.
  • Signage

    Professional-looking signage in and around the office can bring clients in and keep them coming back. Work with our designers to create distinctive pieces for ultimate curb appeal and attractive offices.
  • Exam room monitors

    Television messaging keeps your patients captivated and provides you with an opportunity to inform and educate on your practice, services, and other medical benefits that you can offer.
  • Medical model collaterals

    Instructional collateral for the business owners and PCCs that assist and creating a successful model of success through efficiency and high performance strategies.
  • Logo development

    A logo is an important marketing tool for any business. In one image, you want to anchor your brand and make your services obvious. Our experts can help you design the perfect logo for your business.
  • Online patient satisfaction surveys

    Patient feedback is an essential tool for building and improving your business. We offer user-friendly online surveys that provide you with accessible information.
  • Paper patient satisfaction surveys

    To get a survey in the hands of a patient more quickly, you might want to download and print our available satisfaction surveys and make them available to clients.

You may not have thought much about your marketing materials until now, but with our resources, you have the opportunity to make your business stand out in a sea of cookie-cutter ads, signs, and brochures. Submit an information request to the right of your screen now to find out more about membership in Audiology Management Group.