When it’s time to sell your audiology practice, you need an accurate evaluation of the business’s net worth. If your asking price is too low, you lose potential profits. If it’s too high, you will lose potential buyers. At Audiology Management Group (amg™), we provide a thorough review and expert analysis of all relevant data to come up with a fair valuation for your business.

Don’t take a shot in the dark. Get the most out of the sale of your business with our help.

How Do We Do It?

While others might simply look at a recent sale of a similar business, we conduct a thorough analysis of your unique business to come up with the most accurate valuation possible. As part of the evaluation, we do the following:

  • Visit your place of business
  • Review three years of financials, including profit and loss statements and balance sheets
  • Review key metrics of the practice
  • Compare data to industry benchmarks

We then value your business based on a multiple of the Seller’s Discretionary Earnings (SDE). In general, the SDE is the pre-tax earnings of the business before non-cash expenses. When the data is available, a straight three-year average of SDE is used to predict potential earning and worth. We also take factors such as predictability of future results, contracts, physician referral relationships, and the competitiveness of the environment into account. Other factors we consider include:

  • Historical performance
  • Current performance trends
  • Market demographics
  • Staff and payroll projections
  • Projected rent or property tax costs

Once we complete our evaluation, you will receive a detailed report of our findings and an estimated value for your business.

Our Experience Counts When it Comes to Determining What Your Business Is Worth

Valuing an audiology practice is as much art as it is science. Yes, we analyze data and spreadsheets, but we also bring years of experience and many satisfied clients to each and every practice or clinic we evaluate. We know the field, we know the potential, and we are transparent in our process. If you are thinking about selling your business, make your first call to us. We’ll help you get top dollar.

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