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What keeps your practice’s patients coming back, time and time again? Whether it is their loyalty to a specific physician, the quality and value of the services and products you offer, or the superior patient experience from scheduling an appointment to the billing process, there must be something that retains and attracts new patients consistently. Without these specific qualities, your practice is running on borrowed time.

When Audiology Management Group sets out to transform a practice by applying our Practice Performance Model, we look at several principles that audiologists and physicians rely on and combine their best features. We have found that most practices focus solely on evidence-based audiology, a method that relies on using scientific data to govern treatments. Where most practices fall short is in their application of value-based audiology—and this is where your practice can go from good to great.

Learn How to Maximize Your Clinic’s Performance With Our FREE Report!

While it can be tempting to rely on the tried-and-true evidence-based practice, implementing the methodologies of a value-based practice can take your practice to the next level. Value-based Audiology focuses on your patients’ perception of the value of the treatment and services they received from your practice.

High-performing clinics have learned to expertly balance their evidence-based and value-based approaches to offer their patients maximum quality, value, and effectiveness—something we examine in our report, Evidence-Based and Value-Based Benefits in Concert: 7 Qualities Every High-Performing Clinic Needs. This valuable white paper is available to you as a free download; it offers readers insights on key qualities found in every high-performing clinic.

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