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amg™ is recognized industry-wide as a leader in audiology practice management. We offer our members unmatched products, services, and support to grow and thrive in a competitive market, giving them the edge they need to succeed.

High-Performance Clinic (HPC)

The amg™ High-Performance Clinic (HPC) model was developed after years of research in a premier ENT practice, and serves as the foundation of many successful hearing centers’ growth and success.

amg™ provides the products, services and support you need to be successful. Members of Audiology Management Group enjoy these important services at absolutely no cost:

Bring Your Hearing Aid Clinic or Audiology Practice to the Next Level

People of all ages are beginning to suffer from hearing loss in one or both ears, and your potential market is expanding greatly. The opportunity is there for your hearing health practice to grow, but the logistics of taking your business to the next level have prevented you from making the leap.
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Audiology, first.

amg™ is an innovative audiology services company in Miami, Florida, and we have helped audiology and hearing health practices throughout the country thrive and grow in today’s market.

  • amg™ Audiology Members

    By becoming an audiology member clinic with amg™, you set the wheels in motion to become a high-performance clinic.
  • amg™ Medical Members

    As an amg™ Medical Member, your clinic will receive access to the vast network of amg™ services that allows your practice to achieve maximum results.
  • amg™ Equity Partnerships

    By entering an equity partnership with amg™, you can immediately capitalize on the value of your practice by sharing a partnership interest in your new business.
  • amg™ Corporate

    amg™’s corporate services provide comprehensive solutions, products and strategies for business start-ups, expansions, and improvement.
  • amg™ Shared Services

    By utilizing amg™’s shared services, your practice can reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve your external services by relying on powerful, supported business solutions.
amg network

Building a Network for Better Hearing.

At amg™, we are focused on bringing audiologist, ENT physicians and hearing aid retailers powerful, thoroughly-supported solutions that drive business, thus creating a world full of better hearing.