Your audiology practice relies on a strong, competent business presence. Everything in your office, from the computers and diagnostic equipment down to the handouts you provide, should leave your patients impressed with their experience at your practice. If your machinery is out of date or your products are constantly out of stock, it won’t take long for your patients to look elsewhere for care.

Our Audiology Members Enjoy Product and Order Fulfillment

As one of our members, you will soon see how outsourcing your ordering can be a productive and liberating measure for your practice. We have secured many products, innovations, and opportunities for hearing aid providers, including:

  • Hearing Aids
  • Earmolds. We can handle the ordering of multi-sized or custom earmolds, ensuring customer satisfaction and allowing your staff to present a full range of options to patients.
  • Diagnostic Equipment. You cannot provide comprehensive hearing care without the latest diagnostic equipment. Through MedRx, we ensure that your practice is equipped with devices for precision audiometry, live speech mapping, video otoscopes, AVANT systems, and whatever else you desire.
  • Office Supplies. We use Staples online ordering system to ensure that our members are never without the tools they need to provide a positive office experience. From toner and copy paper to ergonomic seating and industrial printers, we can deliver the office products you need.
  • Single-Source Billing. Single-source billing allows you to streamline your employee benefits with simplified open enrollment, consolidated billing, and automated contact between multiple insurance carriers.
  • Purchase Agreements. We can oversee the transfer of expensive and necessary property, including office equipment, software, testing machinery and devices, and other purchases.
  • Loan Provisions. Some loans may be borrowed against for major purchases, using the value of the policy as collateral for the transaction. Businesses that wish to invest in new equipment, expand their existing offices, or open a new location may benefit from loan provisions.
  • Oaktree. We partner with Oaktree Capital Management to provide qualified investors with investment opportunities that allow them to expand and profit.

Don’t let your fear of expanding your practice hold you back from improving your business! As an amg™ member, your expert advisor will work one-on-one with you to maximize your business’s potential while staying within your set goals and vision for the future. Fill out the contact form on this page or call our toll-free number today to find out how we can help you grow!