Your small audiology practice probably doesn’t have a human resources department. You may have a dedicated HR person, or the tasks may fall to whomever can take care of them on a particular day. Imagine having access to experienced and knowledgeable people for all of your HR needs. With an amg™ membership, you will get just that—staffing solutions, HR support, and even retirement benefits for your employees.

Better Exposure, Better Support

If you choose to take advantage of Audiology Management Group’s human resources services, you will be able to provide your employees with better benefits and gain broader exposure when seeking new employees. Our HR services include:

  • Staffing ad creation. Do you know how to sell yourself as the ideal employer to attract the best candidates for your staff openings? Our HR support team does, and we can create an ad for you that will bring in top-notch applicants.
  • Job postings. Reaching a wide audience with job postings is easier now than it ever has been thanks to national employment websites, but will your ad get lost amid a sea of similar postings from all over the country? Probably. Our targeted employment postings, however, will highlight your opening in a way other fee-based websites can’t.
  • HR support. Without an actual Human Resources department, you might be missing out on valuable opportunities to develop a happier, more productive staff. Our HR services include staff training programs, staff hiring support, and many other valuable human resources tools.

As with our many other benefits, we offer human resources support that is similar to what is offered in major corporations and large companies. While your employees probably appreciate the personal touch they get when they have HR issues now, they would surely appreciate the combination of small-office service and big-office opportunities even more. Call or fill out a contact form to get more information about our many services.