amg network powers your practice performance by working collaboratively with you to develop your business in line with your strategic goals.

Our proven solutions support hearing care practices that want to grow and develop but have felt limited by the logistics of day-to-day practice management.

amg network members enjoy hassle-free support and solutions. Our services ensure that you and your team are free to focus on delivering quality patient care.

Starting with your unique vision, business culture and processes, our solutions put you in control. With a bespoke roadmap devised collaboratively to help you achieve your goals, you’re in the driver’s seat as your take your practice to the next level.


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Find Out What’s Holding Your Business Back

Are you frustrated by the lack of growth in your audiology practice or hearing aid clinic?

Are you looking to capture more market share?

Do you want to increase the profitability of your hearing aid sales?

Audiology Management Group has over six years of experience in evaluating and supporting audiology clinics and practices. We are experts in improving revenue in businesses like yours, so don’t put off your move to greater profits any longer.


Drive your Success

Our proprietary Practice Performance Model℠ uses the power of patients to drive your success. By increasing patient-satisfaction we increase your selling opportunities, allowing your practice to thrive along with your patients.

amg network’s Practice Performance Model is a wheel that powers continuous improvement within your business. As the wheel spins, three drivers create momentum. Within each of the three drivers of performance there is the potential for gaps in the patient experience. By addressing the gaps, we fuel the wheel to ensure power performance in your practice.

  • Demand Generation: To thrive, every practice needs to attract new patients. We deliver the strategy, tools and support services that you need to position your practice as a leading healthcare provider in your community, increasing sales opportunities.
  • Service Delivery: From patient financing to staffing, we provide you with the solutions you need to streamline the patient process. Excellence in service delivery ensures maximum satisfaction, increasing your sales and keeping patients coming back.
  • Measuring & Managing Performance: amg network’s expertise helps you set meaningful key performance indicators so you can ensure you’re on track as you drive towards your strategic goals.

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We have plenty more to offer! With a comprehensive suite of unique business support services, we are able to offer a custom approach to your business based on your unique needs to deliver higher revenue for you. We can help you save money by improving procurement costs, lowering credit card processing fees, and lowering patient financing interest rates. And these are just a few of our cost-reduction and revenue-building services.

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