For those who chose audiology or hearing healthcare as a career, their passion is people, not necessarily business operations. The day they opened their own ENT practice or audiology clinic may have seemed like the pinnacle of their professional lives, but there may come a time when these people ask themselves, “What’s next?” When the answer involves growing your practice, expanding your market, or developing a retirement plan, Audiology Management Group can help.

Audiology Management Group is an industry-leading practice management group, dedicated to the promotion and support of practices just like yours. Founded by hearing healthcare professionals, amg™ realizes that many successful practices have untapped performance potential, simply because the founding physicians or owners do not have the time, finances, or business support to expand beyond their current market.

Join Forces With Powerful Practice Management Group amg™ in an Equity Partnership

When your practice or clinic has reached its peak productivity level, you have one of two options—you can continue to operate at your current capacity, or you can expand and improve upon your current model. Unfortunately, the latter option often excludes many exceptional businesses, simply because the owners do not have the capital, time, or resources required to grow in a manner that preserves the quality and mission they worked so hard to achieve.

By entering an equity partnership with Audiology Management Group (amg™), you can immediately capitalize on the value of your current practice while simultaneously limiting your future risk by sharing a partnership interest in your new business. Your business can enjoy the financial support and business acumen of the industry professionals at amg™, who share the same passion for healthy hearing and care about your success. In addition, you gain access to our valuable services:

  • Business Development Assistance
  • Marketing and Public Relations Materials and Support
  • Human Resources Services
  • Administrative Guidance and Analysis
  • Purchasing, Billing, and Pricing Solutions
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • IT Support

With amg™ working with you to develop and expand your products and services, you can reach new levels of success by putting your energy into your patients, customers, and products.

Reach New Levels of Success With a Powerful Partner in amg™

The dedication it took to open your own practice or clinic was astounding, and has gotten your business where it is today. When you are ready to begin the journey to where your practice can be tomorrow, consider an equity partnership with one of the nation’s most respected audiology networks, amg™. With our vast resources, your skill, and our combined experience, the future of your hearing health practice is bright, indeed. Call 866-566-7705 to speak with an Audiology Management Group representative today.