Your audiology clinic was created to provide top-of-the-line care and devices to all of your patients. As a hearing aid dispenser, you know that new devices enter the market every day, and each one can be a significant expense to the patient. Are your staff members having difficulty convincing patients to make the necessary investment in their hearing health?

Hearing Professional Sales Training Is Key to Your Practice

The audiologists in your practice may be providing excellent care, but without a strong sales team, you’re unlikely to stay ahead of the competition. Our employee trainers provide members with regular sessions to ensure your hearing aid sales goals stay on track. We can help your staff improve in a number of ways, including:

  • Education. One of the most important aspects of hearing aid dispensing is a thorough knowledge of the product. Customers are going to ask questions, and it’s up to your staff to provide accurate answers. We can help your staff cultivate a high level of understanding of each brand and product in your practice, explaining key terms and anticipating common technical questions.
  • Product selection. We can help your clinic staff choose the right hearing device for each patient, and help them understand and explain the differences between products to the customer’s satisfaction. This includes offering warrantees and special offers, and detailing the specifics in a way the customer can understand.
  • Customer interaction. When a person buys a product, he is relying on the product to make a difference in his life. Often, the purchase decision is made based on his interaction with the seller, rather than on the product itself. We can help your team manage customer expectations and make the interaction comfortable and informative, increasing sales opportunities.
  • Sales guidance. Your staff members must be aware of the needs and fears of each patient in order to guide the patient toward the correct hearing aid choice. Not only should your staff be able to respond to answers, they should ask appropriate and direct questions about devices and hearing conditions, and deliver clear answers to the patient.
  • Measurable returns. Once we identify the selling strengths and weaknesses of your practice, we can begin to improve upon key areas. Your team will be working with the same goals and evaluated using the same metrics, making it easier to see at a glance where the problems in dispensing occur.

When your business is a member of Audiology Management Group, your expert advisor will guide you through every aspect of improving employee sales performance. Call the toll-free number at the top of this page or fill out our online contact form to get started on making your practice the best it can be!